Weekend Roundup (7/30)


Let me start off by saying this weekend was spent recovering from my fall down the stairs.  Each time I say that, I cringe, lol.  I think of what a spaz I must sound like…but surprisingly I got a lot of comments and messages from other moms saying that the same thing had happened to them.

But I learned that after you fall down stairs you feel like you’ve been hit by a train for a couple of days after.  Well, maybe not a train but it felt like I had completed a super intense workout and my muscles had taken a beating.  Places that I didn’t think were injured in the fall even hurt!

Okay, so what happened over my weekend that was unrelated to falling down steps?

  1. Mabel decided that her Baby Einstein play center wasn’t that bad after all.  Note that even on the smallest setting, her little legs still can’t touch the ground.
  2. Baby Girl started teething.  Well, she’s been teething for a while now but her first baby tooth made an appearance!  It’s her front bottom tooth.
  3. I got another quilt for a customer done.  Woo hoo…only two more for customers to go until I can experiment with making some new items for the shop!
  4. Got to Skype with Hubby’s parents.  It was fun and they got to see Mabel!
  5. Finally got to try the newest Rita’s flavor:  Sour Patch Kid flavor!

Yum!  If you haven’t heard of Rita’s, Google it!  It started off as an East Coast chain but they’re starting to pop up all over the place now.  The new Sour Patch Kid flavor was delicious by the way.

Over the weekend it also dawned on me that I haven’t done a vlog in forever, so I’m hoping to get something up next weekend.  Keeping up with vlogs has been a lot harder now that Mabel is here so just know that I’m still doing vlogs, I’m just a little more sporadic when it comes to posting them.  I also realized I’m super behind at getting back to emails and messages on Facebook…so bear with me if you sent me something, I will get back to you!  : )

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