Weekend Roundup (8/5)

Alright, I’m back after a week off from posts!  I needed some time to try to get everything organized all while finishing up the last of my orders from my shop.  I finished the last quilt today…big woo hoo!  : )

So, what happened during my weekend?  All of this (and I’m including last Thursday and Friday):

  • Mabel is now able to sit by herself without being propped up.  Most of the time it’s only 20 seconds to a minute…but hey, she’s doing it!
  • Mabel also has her first bottom tooth coming in (is that old news?!)
  • My mom celebrated a birthday…but since I’m so far away a nice little phone call and a jazzed up instagram pic was what she got.
  • I got an amazing planner (I’ll post details about it tomorrow so if you love it, you can order one too!) and organized my blog posts for this entire month.
  • My hair is now dark red…I think in 8 weeks when I go back to the salon I’ll have it lightened a tad.
  • AND THE BIG NEWS (at least for me) is that I am now officially at my pre-pregnancy weight!  I’m feeling a lot better about myself and there will be a post in the near future of my weight loss, experience with Nutrisystem, and my exact weight and size.

That was short and sweet!  Stay tuned this week for a great giveaway that I have coming up on Wednesday or Thursday!  The giveaway retails for $250!!!

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