Weekend Roundup (10/15)

Unlike my other ‘weekend roundup’ posts, this one will include the entire past week.  I wanted to be able to include some photos from my and my Hubby’s mini vacation.  🙂

Our trip to Ocean City, MD in a nutshell (well, instagram?)

The view from out hotel.  We stayed at the Ocean City Hilton and had a wonderful time!  If you’re on the Mid Atlantic East Coast and need a mini getaway, I highly recommend it.  And because now we are in the ‘off season’ this room runs for less than $200 a night where during the summer it’s $500-$600 a night.  Say what?!

I know…you saw this pic in the previous post. 🙂 But isn’t is pretty?

Yep, I’m the dork that takes photos of the bathroom and then turns it into a collage on my phone.  I think whenever we build our dream house, I want a rain shower like the had in the room!

The gorgeous bathroom in our room.

Six rooms in the hotel actually have their own private hot tub!  Amazing view and can’t beat relaxing with the sound of the waves in the background.

A private hot tub?!?

City view from our balcony and the hot tub area.

View from our hot tub/balcony.

Don’t judge…

Keepin’ in classy…

Honestly, who thought of deep frying a Twinkie?  I’ll admit a pretty delicious concoction…we only had one and each of us only had a half so I didn’t feel to guilty!

Fried Twinkie!

If you’re ever in Ocean City, you must go to Liquid Assets.  It looks like a liquor store when you pull up but it’s a bar too and there is a nice dining area tucked into the corner.  We did some cheese tasting and I enjoyed some gourmet mac and cheese with a slice of s’mores pie for dessert!

The Hubs at a wonderful little hole in the wall restaurant.

So there ya have it.  Our mini vacation through cell phone photos.  😉

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup (10/15)

    • Morgan says:

      They were really good….It’s probably a good thing that no one around here makes them or I’d probably gain a ton of weight.

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