Donate a Photo to Help Children in Need

I’m sharing #SoMuchMore in my life as part of a JOHNSON’S® + Save the Children Partnership sponsored series for Socialstars™


The holidays are a wonderful time of year!  Filled with great food, lovely decorations, spending time with family and open hearts.  And this year, I’ve decided to team up with JOHNSON’S® to help encourage you all to consider donating a photo for a good cause.

Yep…that’s all.  Just a photo. 

Here’s the photo we’re donating:


And that photo will help support early childhood development…because as moms we all know how important it is to have your little one on track to reaching all of his/her major milestones.

But sadly, not all babies have the opportunity to easily reach those milestones due to factors such as poverty, poor health and nutrition, and lack of early stimulation and education.  Here is where Save the Children comes in…their mission is to help children in need, around 300,000 a year to be exact!  And together with JOHNSON’S® this holiday season, they are partnering to make a positive impact on baby’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

See the partnership in action:

How heartwarming and positive is that video?!

So are you ready to help children reach their full potential?


Get out your phone and get to donating photos for kiddos in need!  😉  And if you’re even debating it…know that JOHNSON’S® is tripling its donations this holiday season!

Find out all the details HERE and download the app for your phone at the iOS app store or the Google Play store for free!

The JOHNSON’S® and Save the Children partnership concludes on 12/19 so make sure to act fast, support the cause, and get those photos donated ASAP!  😉

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