BabyNes – A Keurig for Babies!

millie 6m

Oh, Millie!

I just melt looking at that photo from three months ago.  Time has been flying by and I’m amazed at how fast she’s growing!  This little baby is going to turn into a little toddler before I know it.

Since Millie is our second child, we’ve been a little more relaxed this time around…we’ve got this!  But making sure her nutrition is well rounded is always our priority.

Now straight-up, I’m an equal opportunity feeder.  And by that I mean, I’m all for feeding your little one in whatever way works best for you and your family.  Breast milk or formula = all the power to you!  Just get that baby fed!  😉

Recently Gerber sent over their brand new BabyNes machine…and the first thing that popped into my head was, “I wish this was around when Mabel was a baby…it would have made life a lot easier!“.

BabyNes - review and first thoughts

Yes…it’s pretty much a Keurig for babies!

Setting it up was super easy.  Basically, I took it out of the box, plugged it in, ran a cleaning cycle and it was good to go!  Added some water, popped in a BabyNes capsule, set the temperature, and pressed the button:

BabyNes - review and first thoughts

BabyNes - review and first thoughts

It’s as easy as that…and a bottle was ready!

Now if you look closely, the capsules we have are for ages 7-12 months; nutritionally designed for babies at that age range.  There are 6 different capsules that range from ages 0-36 months and of course are developed specifically to address the needs of little ones in those stages.

Do you know how much more sleep I would have gotten during the days of night feedings with Mabel if I would have had this?!  In addition to saving you bottle prep time, the BabyNes machine is WiFi enabled!  As in, it can send info to your MyBabyNes online dashboard to track your baby’s feedings, nutrition, and help remind you when it’s time to order more capsules.  What?!  So neat!

BabyNes - review and first thoughts

I’ve found the BabyNes to be a great new option if formula is the route you and your baby choose!  It makes bottle preparation very simple and fast, pretty much foolproof since the formula is already measured out in the capsules, the amount of water is determined by the machine, and the temperature is perfectly set to not be too hot or too cold.  The price might be a little steep for some (pricing info here) and currently the capsules are only available online which could be considered a hassle.  But overall, I’ve found the BabyNes to be a top of the line invention and a great piece of new baby/mommy technology that’s worthy of going on baby registries.

See the BabyNes in action here along with finding out about the 90 day trial!

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