A Rainbow Squirrel

paper peiced block squirrel

My first paper piecing is complete!
And I must admit it feels pretty darn good.

There were some moments in the beginning where I made a few mistakes and quickly learned it can be pretty tricky to fix sewing errors on paper templates…and that stitches rip right through the paper template…mean that had to start all over.  But by the last portion, I got the hang of it and was thrilled with how it all came together.

A rainbow squirrel for Millie:

paper peiced block squirrel

I really love the crisp lines and pointy corners that I was able to get by paper piecing!  I sound pretty cheesy, don’t I?  If you sew…you’ll understand my enthusiasm!

And as a finishing touch, I borrowed Millie’s Christmas present to take a photo in front of the quilt block.  😉

paper peiced block squirrel

paper peiced block squirrel

If you want to try your hand at paper piecing, look up some tutorials on YouTube.  There are tons and I pretty much taught myself in an hour.

And if you want to make a paper pieced squirrel yourself, check out Quiet Play’s pattern here.  She has a bunch of other fun patterns too!


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