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The Sea and the Mermaid – Nursery Design Board

The Sea and The Mermaid Nursery Design Board - a little girl's nautical themed nursery

This is my fourth nursery design board so far and they are pretty fun to create…challenging, but fun.  I can’t tell you how many times I added something to this board and deleted it since something just didn’t quite fit.  But overall I’m happy with how it turned out…though it probably could still use a…

Hello Sunshine – Gender Neutral Nursery

Hello Sunshine Gender Neutral Nursery Board @ModernMommyhood

Since this was my first try at a nursery design board, I decided to keep it gender neutral…and after taking forever to decide on a theme I settled on Hello Sunshine! 1//  Tripe Tiered Pendant Shade 2//  Here Comes The Sun Art Print 3//  You Are My Sunshine Art Print 4//  Radiant Mirror 5//  Autumn…