Cruising With Pampers

Hey!  This is a sponsored post but I’m all about telling you how it is.  We <3 Pampers and if we didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this post!


I don’t normally get excited over things like diapers but there’s always an exception.  After trying out every brand under the sun from when Mabel was in diapers until now with Millie in diapers, our tried and true brand has always been Pampers.  From Swaddlers in the beginning until the transition to Cruisers (which we have just done over the past two weeks for Millie), no matter which style of Pampers, we’ve always been happy.

Now when you think Cruisers…you may think walking babies.  And well to be honest, I think that’s still pretty far off into the future (Millie seems to want to be held with little to no motivation to be independent, lol!) BUT she’s becoming more active, wiggly, and squirmy.  So that can lead to leaks…and we decided it was time to switch to Cruisers!


Here’s a bit of background info:  When Millie sleeps, she likes to sleep with her legs pulled up to her chest or somehow with them in the air (don’t ask me how she does it, ha!).  But both of those positions lead to leaks, being wet in the middle of the night and then of course that creates a very mad baby when she has to have her jammies changed at 3am.  I don’t blame herIt’s not fun for anyone.  I welcomed the idea of trying out Cruisers and their improvements too!  And guess what…for the past two weeks, no more wet baby in the middle of the night.  The new Extra Absorb Channels successfully did their job.  😉


As for the daytime…we’ve had no blowouts or saggy ‘leakouts’ thanks to the superior fit performance.  Score!

Two momma thumbs up!

So if you’re in the need of a dependable disposable diaper, I highly recommend Pampers…and specifically Cruisers if you’ve got a wiggly and on-the-go baby!  🙂

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