Friday Five

Time for another edition of the Friday Five!  😉

1 – I’m trying to cut sodas out of my life (or realistically just limiting the amount I drink).  I’ve got it down to one can every other day and have seen a drop in weight just from the past few weeks.  I don’t need all that excess sugar!

2 – Millie has to sleep with socks on her hands to prevent scratching.  Eczema is no joke people!  I’m hoping that at her next checkup, the doctor will consider giving her a prescription cream because the over the counter stuff just isn’t cutting it!

3 – Mabel brought home her first ever piece of family artwork.  And oh my goodness, did it melt my heart!

A photo posted by Morgan (@modernmommyhood) on

4 – We’ve officially been in South Carolina for a year now…two more years to go!

5 – I’m going to try my hand and making lactation cookies this weekend…let’s hope they aren’t disgusting.  😉

Have a great weekend!

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