Glitter and Glow – What’s New with You?

Long time no see!  
That seems to be my typical opening line these days since my blog posts are so few and far between.

Rainbow Swirl of Fabric - Glitter and Glow Quilt

Life has been a bit hectic, but honestly, when is it not these days?

My husband’s work schedule had been crazy and Mabel got out of school for summer just about two weeks ago (kids go to to school almost until the end of July here in the UK)…so things are finally starting to calm down.  I guess at least until school starts again at the beginning of September, lol!

I’ve been sewing off and on and I’ve pretty much turned into an Instagram hermit so join me over there if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been creating.  I’ve recently found Instagram to be a wonderful place for sewing/quilting inspiration so that’s where I now lurk most of the time.  😉

Anyway, I’ve neglected the blog long enough and am back to share one of my recent quilt tops (I’m embarrassed to admit that I may or may not have a basket full of quilt tops that need to be basted and bound and this one now sits in that very basket).  Suzy from Suzy Quilts recently came out with her Glitter and Glow pattern which I was lucky enough to test before its release.

I picked a rainbow of Kona solids that would become the top paired with Cotton and Steel’s Flight in Natural pattern that will become the backing whenever I finish this quilt.

Kona Fabric Choices with Cotton and Steel's Flight in Natural

And here are all the names of the colors if you’re curious.  😉  I purchased them all from Fabric Bubb (they have an insanely large collection of Kona colors and I was able to find all the ones that I needed and not have to order from multiple shops…woohoo!).

Kona Cotton Colors for Suzy Quilts Glitter and Glow

After lots of cutting, pattern following, and sewing…

And making my husband stand in a field with a quilt top while cars passed us looking confused…

The end result =

My Version of Suzy Quilts' Glitter and Glow Quilt

A beautiful rainbow gradation of colors with little ‘sparkly’ diamonds of fabric in between.

My Version of Suzy Quilts' Glitter and Glow Quilt

I’ll be sure to update when I finally get all of this rainbowy goodness basted and bound!  No promises on getting that done soon though…it’s well known that I hate basting with a passion!





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