Green Means Go!

Green Means Go

Green means go!  Yeah…I know the photo above should probably have been of a traffic light but I just love how fresh the pic looked so I went with it.

Lots of changes have started and we are on a mad dash towards the finish line.

Go….the house is being listed this weekend.

Go…my home is as clean as it’s ever going to be…you’re welcome potential buyers, lol!

Go…my stress level is through the roof.

Go….my hair is now back to blonde from a hot mess orange that I did at home.  End result:

back to blonde

Go…on the way home from the salon, I hit almost all green lights.  Seriously, nothing tops that!

Go…Mabel is trying to be successful at a jailbreakI’m totally not ready for a ‘big kid’ yet!

Go…tick tock, only two months left in Delaware.


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