Lame Mom Alert

I might be the most lame mom.  Ever.

lame mom

This past weekend was all about the 4th of July.  And while my FB feed and Instagram accounts were flooded with tons of cute pics of my friends doing neat things with their kiddos…I was doing nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Since we are currently living out of our suitcases, that complicates things a tad.  I was a genius and packed only athletic shorts and t-shirts for myself and the movers have everything else (not sure what I was thinking) so I need to make a Target run.  Honestly no one probably would have cared at the town’s 4th of July fireworks show last night but the idea of running into people I went to high school with kinda made me cringe, lol.  Not forgetting that I also have two inch roots in my hair (why does my hair only grow quickly when I don’t want it to?!) and need to desperately find a salon to help this crazy momma out…but being in the small town I grew up in…I’m seriously afraid that I’m going to end up with a hairdo that will scream Steel Magnolias, you know…the era of big southern hair.

Then on top of that, Mabel had a huge day of playing at the local playground, getting ice cream, and then swimming…so she passed out at 7:30pm.  So I guess the day wasn’t a loss if she had a lot of fun.  🙂

I kinda feel guilty though.  My child has been alive for three 4th of July’s but has yet to see fireworks.  That kinda makes me a bad mom, right?  Or am I okay since she won’t remember them yet anyway?  Yikes.

Then to top all of that off, my dad doesn’t believe in fast internet.  I discovered the modem in the house was back from when I started college (like 9 years ago!!!).  Another yikes!  The speed of the internet here is like dial-up.

I know, I know…first world problems.

But really…you don’t understand how bad it is until you take a half an hour trying to get your gmail account to load.  Hitting the refresh button over and over again.

I might have broken through to him though…I convinced him to call Verizon since I was pretty sure he was way overdue for a modem upgrade.  I was right…and they’re sending him a new one this week.

I guess that means I might actually be able to post something else this weekend?  Who knows…it took me over an hour to get the page to load to type this one.

Okay, back to me being lame.  We didn’t grill…we didn’t see fireworks…and I didn’t get any cute pics.

I’ll be optimistic that next year we’ll be super patriotic and get our fireworks on in South Carolina!  Here’s to the 4th of July in 2015…haha!

Were you lame like me?  Or did you have crazy fun plans that I’m going to be jealous about?  😉




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  • Reply
    July 7, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Love the e-card!

    As for holiday fun, we’re Canadian, so our party was earlier last week, but I’ve yet to take my kids for fireworks either. They are downtown; and late; and it’s crowded. I take them to see activities and parades in the daytime, which I figure gives them the patriotic piece required for the day. Then we went to a pool party/bbq which they probably enjoyed much more.

    Not sure where that would fall on the “lame” meter.

    Lovely blog!

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    Ashley Ponder Richards
    July 7, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    Lame for us! During the day we played outside and grilled steaks. After we ate we took a nap and then stayed in the rest of the day. No firework shows but I did see some in the sky from the window. I do feel a little guilty for not taking Jack to see them. I’m with you…next year!

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