For the Love of Laundry!

I have to thank Simple Green for sponsoring this post since I was in dire need of laundry detergent and cleaning supplies, plus I get giddy over such things now that I’m a mom, lol!

Let me first start off this post by saying how much I’m going to miss my washer and dryer.  Yes, the washer broke down on me one time but they were good to me over the past three years and I’m sad that I have to leave them at the house for the new owner.

As of now I’m washer/dryerless.  🙁  (But I’m going to try to win a new set here!)

Simple Green Laundry Detergent

But before I left for Maryland with Mabel last Sunday, I had to get a ton of laundry washed…there was no way I was going to have the movers pack dirty clothes and put them into storage for a month!

I don’t really hate laundry…I just hate folding itWho’s with me on that?

Load after load I went…but this time around I tried out Simple Green’s Sunshine Fresh Scent and was truly impressed!  I can’t stand scents that are too overpowering or fake but Simple Green was light and airy…even the husband approved.  Plus it’s a biodegradable formula so it’s environmentally friendly.  Two thumbs up!

Simple Green Sunshine Fresh

Okay…so who wants to help me fold?

Simple Green
Don’t worry! They are all clean! I wouldn’t air my dirty laundry…I just cracked myself up!

And yes…that is that horrible tiger blanket on the right that my husband insisted on getting in Florida two years ago!

Anyway, I got all of the laundry done just in time hours before the packers came to box everything up!

Now, onto the good stuff…

Want to win a new LG washer and dryer for yourself?  There is also a daily winner for a $50 gc to Gap!  All you need is a bottle of Simple Green, your receipt, and a selfie!

And then not be too embarrassed to post it to instagram:

Click this photo to get the details on how to enter!

Let’s just say momma really wants a new washer and dryer!

One last little bit of info…there is a current rebate for $8.98 if you buy two or more bottles at Home Depot (in store or online)!
Get the form here.

So go on and try to win yourself a new washer and dryer all while trying out a new laundry detergent!  🙂

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