Mabel’s First Bath – with the Fisher Price Rainforest Bath

Mabel had her first bath the other day and we documented it by taking advantage of my mom, lol.  Since she’s visiting, she became our videographer.  I know some of you are thinking, ‘Shouldn’t she have had her first bath already?’.  Well, yes she should have but her belly button was slower than normal when it came to healing.  Her doctor had to put silver nitrate in her belly button to help speed up the healing process.  Basically, it helps to dry out the inside of the belly button and pretty much cauterize it at the same time.  And don’t worry…it didn’t hurt her at all to have it done.  🙂  So this ended up adding more time to wait before she could have a bath since we needed to keep her belly dry.  We were giving her little sponge baths and washing her hair in the sink until then.
Anyway, back to the bath.  We wanted to record it and my mom was more than happy to help out.  Mabel seemed to enjoy the bath for the most part and we kept a warm wet towel over her body to help keep her warm.  The bathtub we used was Fisher Price’s Rainforest bath.  As most of you know we have a Blooming Bath too but we ended up using the Fisher Price bath since my mom had bought the bath and we thought it would be nice to use it since she was visiting us.  😉 
Enjoy the short video and Mabel’s cuteness…haha, I’m so partial!  Oh and there is a funny part at the end!
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3 thoughts on “Mabel’s First Bath – with the Fisher Price Rainforest Bath

  1. {Sarah Bernhardt} says:

    Aww! That is the most precious video, I love that you documented her first bath like that! She's so beautiful!

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