Mabel’s Must Haves: Board Books

Mabel is crazy about her books…and by this I mean that she finally will sit still long enough to be read to.  I’ll plop her in my lap and she actually gets pretty excited!  I couldn’t be more happy about this!  🙂  Up until recently she only wanted to put books in her mouth…and even though board books are heavy duty, that child of mine could still chew chunks off.  I’m shaking my head…

But now that her chewing on everything is starting to subside, her interest in books is peaking.  I figured I’d share some of her favorites with you!  And if you aren’t familiar with what board books are, they are smaller books that are designed for younger children (birth to age 3/4) and the pages are thicker so that they can’t rip.  They are normally priced around $5-$6…not bad at all!

Mabel's Must Haves:  Board Books for Babies

  1. You Are My Cupcake by Joyce Wan – this is such a cute book!
  2. Elmo Loves Hugs! by by Gina Gold, Sesame Street and Tom Brannon – Mabel is a huge fan of Elmo.  This book has plush Elmo arms attached to the side of the book that ‘hug’.  The book also encourages interaction with directions for your child to ‘help Elmo’ do various things.
  3. Moo, Baa, La La La! by Sandra Boynton – It’s by Sandra Boyton…enough said!  😉  I love all of her books.
  4. Huggy Kissy by Leslie Patricelli – A very heartwarming book!  I think the illustrations are adorable too.
  5. Peek-a WHO? by Nina Laden – There are cutouts throughout the book that you can see through to the next page.  The pictures are also very vibrant and attention getting.
  6. Baby Touch and Feel Animals by DK Publishing – Mabel’s favorite book!  Each animal has some kind of texture for your baby to see and feel.  Mabel loves the furry rabbit at the end.

Recently, I’ve been leaving her board books everywhere.  On the table, on the floor, in her toy box…everywhere.  This is due to me wanting to give her every possibility to pick up, hold, look through and play with her books.  I was a first grade teacher for 3 years so I know how important it is for children to develop a love for books as early as possible…so I’m going to turn this baby into a book lover if it kills me.  😉

And the other day, she had disappeared around the side of the couch.  It was way too quiet…and I was thinking she was up to no good.  But instead…I found this:

baby reading

 She was ‘reading’.  My heart melted.  😉


What books are your child’s favorite?  I’m always looking for suggestions!

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7 thoughts on “Mabel’s Must Haves: Board Books

  1. Shasta says:

    That is just too cute! Glad she’s finally showing an interest in them!! They have some board books in the $1 section of Target, mostly the Sesame Street Babies stuff but I picked up a few for Rylie.

  2. Rebeca says:

    🙂 Mabel is so cute with her books! so glad she is loving her books! My daughter Addy is 3 and she does the same thing, if it gets too quiet and I go check on her I usually find her reading too 🙂

  3. Andrea says:

    As a self-proclaimed “word-nerd,” I think it’s great that Mabel has such an interest in books already! It’s funny because I am working on a blog post about my daughter’s first library card and how proud I am when I see her “reading” her books! She really likes “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.

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