Mealtime Madness

Our two pugs, Tater and Bruce, are the four legged members of our family…our first babies.  🙂

The pugs’ morning routine = bathroom break and then breakfast.  That’s why they look like they are anxiously waiting for something, lol!

The little guys are getting older now, Tater is 10 and Bruce is 7, so it’s really started hitting me that it’s super important to keep them in their best shape so that they can be with us for a long as possible!  They get daily exercise outside, take long naps on the couch (that’s what pugs are best at doing), and they eat all natural pet food since we want what’s best for them.  We recently switched over to Freshpet and we haven’t looked back!

Honestly…I think mealtime might be their favorite two times of the day, lol.  Tater will bark as I’m preparing his food and Bruce tends to spin around and around until his food bowl is put down in front of him.  That’s pug mealtime madness for ya.  😉

But who can blame them?  They get to eat Freshpet which is a refrigerated, all natural pet food.  The ingredients are fresh with no artificial or chemical preservatives (yuck!)…and no mystery ingredients!  They only use high quality meats and veggies so I know the pugs are getting a healthy meal.  Also, one benefit for us is that the food is soft…and for Tater and Bruce, that’s a good thing.  They’ve both got weak teeth so it makes me feel better that they have food that easier for them to chew and not make their teeth uncomfortable.

Personally, I even think it smells pretty darn good.  Basically, it’s pretty much a home-cooked meal all ready to go for your four legged friends.  🙂






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