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I’m sharing #LensCrafters in my life as part of a LensCrafters sponsored series for Socialstars™

I’m guilty…
Guilty of taking care of everyone in my house and often forgetting about myself…but that’s what mothers frequently do, right?

Well, last week I finally decided to put an end to that (well…one step at time) since I realized it had been a year and a half since my last eye exam.  I called up our local LensCrafters, made an appointment for an eye exam and headed in a few days ago.  And honestly, who doesn’t enjoy getting a new pair of glasses?!

I was immediately greeted, checked in, filled out the obligatory paperwork with medical info, and waited…for only 3 minutes!  I think that might be a record for fastest waiting room time for me, lol!  I did 3 quick little eye tests…you know, the one that focuses an image for each eye, one that blows a puff of air in each eye, and another test that was a new one for me…clicking a clicker each time you saw a dot pop up on the screen.  I pretty much felt like I was playing a video game with the last one, lol!  Simple and quick!

Afterwards, I was shown to an exam room where I waited (once again, for probably only about a minute) to meet the optometrist.

After a little chat, the optometrist gave my eyes the standard exam and much to my delight…my prescription hadn’t changed!  We talked about a few more things, in which he took the time to answer all of my questions and was very genuine with his advice (nothing ranks higher on my list than a doctor who is willing to listen and take his/her time).

And a quick heads up…my traditional eye exam was fast but LensCrafters is rolling out a super fast (I’m walking about 60 seconds!) diagnostic exam called Clarifye (it’s just not available at my local store yet).  It’s really accurate and saves even more time!

Then came the really fun part…
Trying on new frames!

See those frames with the hint of baby blue on them towards the bottom of that photo…those were calling my name.

An employee gave me a tray to load up with a few pair of glasses that I liked so that we could compared them and figure out which pair fit/looked the best.  They had so many different brands and styles!  And of course the first pair onto the tray were the brown and baby blue ones.  😉

Once I sat down with the employee, she had me try on all the pairs that I had brought over and we started narrowing down the choices…finally down to a brown/green pair (they are in the photo above too!) and the brown/baby blue pair.  She then took a front facing photo of me wearing each pair and a side facing photo so that not only was I able to see what the glasses looked like being worn in a mirror;  I could see them in a photo too!

Okay, so maybe up close flash photography isn’t exactly my friend (haha!) but it really did help when picking the best pair, especially since my husband and kids weren’t there to give me their opinions.

The winner = the brown/baby blue pair!

They were just meant to be mine.

I’ll be able to pick them up in about a week (my lenses had to be special ordered but most lenses are available same day) and I can’t wait to bring these beauties home!

I left LensCrafters that day having had a great experience and feeling pretty happy with myself since I had done something for my own health!  Nothing beats taking care of your eyes and vision!





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