The First Week and a Half

I had forgotten how quickly the first few weeks fly by.

Millie was born thirteen days ago and they already seem like a blur.  Between doctor appointments for her and for me, visits from family and serious lack of sleep, everything has been melting into one crazy yet satisfying week and a half of my life.

Here’s a bit of what happened (Millie’s birth story is still on the way):

Millie was born on Saturday the 7th and came down with a pretty bad case of jaundice by the next day. Nursing was challenging once again and she hadn’t been getting enough colostrum.  I was stressed since I was pretty sure the whole breastfeeding deal was about to pan out the same way it had with Mabel.  At our one day check-up (where I had Millie, they let women go home the same day of delivery) they ran a bilirubin check (they stuck her heel and squeezed out two vials of blood…and oh my goodness is it hard to hear your little one cry due to being in pain even if it’s just a little stick) and her numbers were elevated but not super high.  We were then seen two days later by her pediatrician for another check-up…and her numbers were even higher (around a 17).  That’s starting to get pretty high up there for bilirubin levels so that meant we needed to take another step and the doctor ordered that we place Millie on a BiliBed for two nights.  Basically it’s a bed with a blue light bulb under it…it acts like artificial sunlight that helps reduce jaundice.  Once again cue me getting stressed out = a high bilirubin count can mean severe damage and health issues for a newborn.

The local medical supply company brought over a Bilibed for two nights and it was placed into our Bassinest.  Here is poor little Millie in all of her swollen head glory (that I decided to accentuate with the only baby cap I could find, which was a ladybug one from Mabel, lol).

Medelea BiliBed

And just FYI, before I get anyone concerned over a blanket being put in our Bassinest:  when babies are in a BiliBed they are Velcro’d in an almost straightjacket type sack in only a diaper.  Her little arms were contained in the Bilibed and she needed the blanket for warmth.  She was very safe.  🙂

After two days in the bed and having a heel stick/two vials of blood drawn for five days straight, Miss Millie was back on track.  I was finally able to stop stressing.

At ten days, we had our mommy and baby check at the birth center.

it's a girl flag

This was pretty much a wellness check-up for my behalf and a visit with a nurse/lactation consultant at the center.  I am very happy to report that breastfeeding has been working out this time around, not completely painless, but still working out none the less (I’ll devote another post to this with more detail).  Millie was weighed before and after a feeding and she successfully gained 3 ounces in that feeding which means she is getting enough milk.  Talk about a complete change from the many issues I faced with Mabel and breastfeeding.

And here we are today…Thursday.

Me and Millie

Emotionally I’m on a baby high, lol…doing great and soaking as much newborn time in as a I can.  I feel like I have to make up for the newborn phase that I missed with Mabel.

It goes by so quickly that I don’t want to even blink.

8 thoughts on “The First Week and a Half

  1. Caitlin Arnett says:

    Hi! I just started following your blog and I love your little family! My baby is a little over 3 months old now and she too had jaundice! It was the hardest thing, my new born baby who needed to be held and loved was stuck on that light! I knew somewhere deep down it was only helping and it sure was hard! My breast feeding journey sounds a lot like your first time around! I hope bf goes better with the next baby! Congrats on your sweet girl!

    • Morgan says:

      Thanks so much for the comment. I had no idea what a Bilibed was/existed until the doctor told me we needed one. Our first daughter was jaundiced but not that badly so we hadn’t needed one…but it helped a lot that we were able to use on at home rather than having to take her to the hospital. And as for breastfeeding, I know how challenging it can be…everyone makes it seem super easy and it truly (at least for me) isn’t easy. Just stay positive and with the second kiddo you’ll be even more prepared to try (it still took us a lot of work this time but we’re finally getting into the groove). 🙂 Happy 3 months to your little one!

    • Morgan says:

      Jodi, yep…jaundice is super common…Mabel had it but it wasn’t anywhere near the levels that Millie was at so no BiliBed was needed. A level of 17 was concerning to our doctor because once at 20-25, levels start getting too high for a baby to deal with. I’m thankful it only took 2 days to get low enough to a 13 where her little system could start taking care of it herself. 🙂

  2. Anna K. says:

    When my son was born, he wasn’t getting much from my attempts at breastfeeding, which didn’t help the jaundice. I think he had to be on it for a couple days as well. Your’s sounds so much easier though! Ours was just a little pad attached to the machine!

    Welcome to mommyhood with two little ones. It’s so bittersweet to think how fast the baby stage went with my second! She’s now 3! *sobs*

  3. Ashley Ponder says:

    I’m still amazed at all that hair! What does Mabel think about sweet Millie? Oh how I love that name! Mabel and Millie -it just fits so well. I’m excited to read Millie’s birth story. Enjoy this sweet newborn Mama high time! Congrats again to you and your family on your newest cute addition.

  4. Kelly says:

    So glad to read you and Millie are doing well! It must have been great to be able to have the Bilibed at home.

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