If Not Now, When?

Paper Pieced Now - word mini quilt

“If not now, when?”
That’s the question that has been popping into my head the past few weeks so I took it as a sign that my word for 2019 should be NOW.  And a mini word quilt only seemed fitting…a pretty reminder that I will see daily hanging by my sewing machine.

If you follow along with me on instagram I’m going to take a second to apologize that some of this will be a repeat post but I wanted to elaborate.

The past few years, I’ve picked words to inspire me through the New Year rather than resolutions (basically because I could only make resolutions to eat healthier + workout for so many years before I realized that my love of chocolate would always win, ha!).  The past few years were words like EVOLVE and OPEN (you can read more about those in past posts) and this year I decided to go with NOW.  As in NOW is the time to finally go after my goals.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect time…and I’ve realized that the perfect time doesn’t exist.

Some of you know that I used to be an elementary school teacher before I had kids…then motherhood took over and I put myself on the back burner.  That’s super easy to do to yourself, right?  So I’ve decided that NOW is the moment…no more waiting on ‘perfect’!  I plan on getting the blog back up and running (I posted an embarrassing 5 posts for all of 2018) and I’m looking forward to releasing my first quilt pattern, the Framed Folk quilt, in the next 2-3 months.  And I’m ready.

Cheers to 2019 and yet another fresh start to discovering (or re-discovering) who I am as a creative!

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