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Checkerboard Postage Stamp Quilt

Checkerboard Postage Stamp Quilt - a great quilt to use up your scrap stash!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to finally finish another quilt! It’s.been.forever. Probably close to three years since I’ve completed a quilt. But a few months back, I found myself stalking Pinterest again in search of a fun challenge.  And what I stumbled upon was Red Pepper Quilts’ tutorial for a Checkerboard Quilt. …

Charm Pack Chevron Lovey Tutorial

Charm Pack Chevron Lovey Tutorial

I love chevron and Mabel loves loveys so I figured I’d combine the two!  If you aren’t familiar with what a lovey is, it’s a tiny blanket, like a security blanket that is easy to stuff in a diaper bag or stash in the stroller!  The measurements of this lovey will be approximately 16.5 inches…