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  • Motherhood

    Mabel’s First Boo-Boo

    It happened…Mabel’s first boo-boo. Here’s how everything went down (literally)…Mabel was standing by the tv, lost her balance and grabbed for the subwoofer box as she fell.  She ended up hitting…

  • Motherhood

    Happy First Birthday Miss Mabel

    This was us last Valentine’s Day…with the best Valentine’s gift that money can’t buy…Mabel. I was exhausted but in a state of pure happiness…completely out of it from the hard work…

  • Motherhood

    I Don’t Want to Jinx It….

    I for sure don’t want to jinx this…but I think it’s safe to tell you all: Mabel is sleeping through the night! I’m talking about 7pm to 8am!  It’s been a…

  • Motherhood

    Mabel’s Got A License to Drive

    Well…not really.  But she does have some license plates!  😉 I’ve always seen those blue and white license plates at stores with every popular child’s name out there…but no plate ever…

  • Motherhood

    Just One Of Those Days

    Today was just one of those days… Mabel for the second time in less than two months, woke up soaked in pee. Yuck. I guess that’s what happens when she drinks…