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    Come As You Are

    This post is sponsored by Zappos This past week has been nothing short of crazy.  It’s been one thing after another while preparing for this transatlantic move; and sometimes when life…

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    Closer and Closer

    As we get closer and closer to this move becoming a reality…the more and more I find myself becoming truly excited about all the new experiences my little family is going…

  • life military wife PCS

    Thank You For Being A Friend

    For a military family, summer is the busiest month…and the time when the most PCS’s happen (moves). I’m notoriously bad for dealing with friends moving away.  I tend to ignore the…

  • life military wife PCS

    We Got Orders!

    Well I guess ‘we‘ didn’t get orders but my husband did.  So it’s official…we’re moving in July! And I tell you I have been through the emotional gamut over the past…